What We Bout!

I, Link, Founder of N.A.H! am a mix of all 3 of these things, I am a Nerd, I am Athletic, I am Hip-Hop! So I started thinking to myself, people are not as one dimensional as we may think. I know there has got to be others out there like me that are into a mix of certain cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. This is who I am and I believe there is a whole world of people that are similar. I want to put the essence of my very being into this clothing line and share with anyone who can relate to being any of these. You don't have be all 3, you don't have to be any! But as long as it resonates with you one way or another, whether it's the fit of the clothing, the feel of the clothing or even just the art and style of the clothing, I'm a happy man!